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© SA Tourism© SA TourismSouthern Africa boasts numerous dive schools and shops along the coast and in the interior, while the sub-tropical coral reefs of KwaZulu-Natal and Mozambique lie just offshore of some wonderful dive resorts. There are a few live-aboard dive boats operating off the Mozambique coast, as well as one or two other boats that are available for charter. The diving conditions in Southern Africa range from the icy, but colourful, kelp forests of the Western Cape, Northern Cape and Namibia to the sub-tropical coral reefs of KwaZulu-Natal and Mozambique. Not surprisingly, the areas between these two extremes offer a slowly changing floral and faunal assemblage. The Southern Cape coast is similar to Cape Town or the West Coast, with relatively cold water, kelp forests and colourful invertebrate life. It is also the epicentre of the shark cage diving industry. The Garden Route offers great diving in relatively discreet spots, as does the Eastern Cape. South Africa and Mozambique offer some unique opportunities to dive with sharks and other large pelagics. And – when the weather isn’t great, or if you just want to try something different - you can dive in one of the three major aquariums in South Africa. The inland areas of South Africa and southern Africa boast some interesting fresh water dive sites, some of which are ideal for technical diving. The annual Sardine Run, which occurs in late June or early July, is a spectacular occurrence, but only for pretty experienced divers. Less challenging, but also fascinating is the annual chokka run - spawning of squid off the coast of the Eastern Cape, usually in late October or November.

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